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THE FAMILY OFFICE was established as a financial planning boutique, to advise on the management of the wealth of one particular British family. Through interest from other successful individuals, we now provide financial advice to new clients as well as our founding families.
We advise our clients on every area of their financial life.

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A family office specialises in managing the financial, charitable and even philosophical goals

of distinguished families.

Traditionally, the wealthiest families in Britain have established their own offices

to manage their personal and business affairs. A full time team of

professional financial advisers help the family members to establish

and achieve their goals and objectives.

Through ongoing and regular reviews, the adviser supports the

                         family to better understand, protect and grow their

                           wealth. The size of their wealth allows access to

                                opportunities that are not open to ordinary


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THE FAMILY OFFICE specialises in managing the financial

affairs of families. We work with our clients to create comprehensive multi-generational

wealth management plans.

We consistently deliver remarkable service and value, ensuring that the same level of service and support

is provided to the youngest and the oldest members of the family.

We sit on the same side of the table as the client in all our dealings. We are the recognised point of contact for our clients when creating and managing their financial affairs.

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Our experience has shown us that many clients possess a fragmented financial plan, comprising various financial arrangements and points of contact. We frequently find that these arrangements are sub-optimum and not aligned to the client’s goals. The arrangements are often time consuming, cause frustration and rarely achieve the desired result.

Our approach to financial planning takes account of our clients’ values as well as their goals and objectives. Recognising that our clients lead busy lives, our service enables them to focus on things that are more

important to them in life, such as their family, friends, career and their health.

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Setting objectives

Financial Planning

Asset allocation and the selection of investment managers

Investment management

Mitigating financial risk of death or ill health in the family or their business


Reducing the family's tax burden

Tax planning

Maximising the returns from cash savings

Cash management

Minimising the cost of mortgage debt

Mortgage advice

The importance of working effectively with other professional advisers, such as Solicitors and Accountants

Professional Advisers

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Sebastian Lyle, Independent Financial Adviser
Sebastian graduated from Edinburgh University with a 1st Class Honours in Accounting and Business. He attended Harvard University, where he majored in International Business and Corporate Governance. Sebastian started his career at Barclays and BZW in London and the British Virgin Islands, in Corporate and Private Banking. He then joined Accenture, where he worked as a Strategy Consultant in the Financial Services sector, working for large asset management houses, global insurance giants and retail and investment banks.
After attending the Chicago Business School, Sebastian established THE FAMILY OFFICE in response to years of poor financial advice that had been delivered to a wealthy British family. His focus is on spending the time to build and refine the professional financial plan for a client, from which a variety of solutions may be implemented. His implementation focus is on private client investment and pension management. He is equally comfortable running beauty parades with discretionary investment managers for wealthy clients and their Trustees, as he is in running an investment portfolio for clients directly. Sebastian's family were the founders of Tate & Lyle Plc..

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Patient Investing

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." - Warren Buffett

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We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss whether we may be able to help with your financial plan.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.


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Tel: 0207 617 7595


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